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Today I knelt on the roof and blow-dried the weather stripping. Must be Tuesday.

Pretty sure this was not in the brochure at the RV dealership.

It’s all part of that cascading effect of home repair: fix one thing, find two more that need fixing. We fixed the gutter, and in doing so, discovered that the plastic screw covering stuff was all dry and crackly with multiple holes in it, and was thus doing squat nothing by way of protecting us from the elements.

So we bought some new, shiny and pliant plastic screw covering stuff and got to work. Only it was a little too cold outside to manipulate the edges into the little metal channels — shrinkage, or so I’m told — and that is how I ended up on the roof with a hair dryer.

Actually, how I ended up with a hair dryer at all is part of the hilarity too. I’ve got curly hair. Blow drying is a big, big no-no, or I end up looking like Roseanne Roseannadanna. Our younger son took the household hair dryer with him when he went to college, so I actually had to go buy one at a thrift store, and we’ve used it for a couple of repair projects now. Handy little tool, that! Just… don’t point it at my hair.

Actual name: insert trim.

Actual name: insert trim (not “plastic screw covering stuff”)

Off with the old yucky ineffective...

Old yucky ineffective trim, shown next to a new piece for comparison

... on with the new.

… on with the new.

See? It covers up the screws that hold the gutters on, because they're ugly and let moisture in. Don't be that screw.

See? It covers up the screws that hold the gutters on, because they’re ugly and let moisture in. Don’t be that screw.

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