in Head Cocked & Eyebrow Up, Historical Purposes, Not Quite What We'd Planned, Reposted from FB, Shitter's Full, Something's Always Broken

Stink lesson #3

Shitter’s broken!

12017461_10154207191212995_7335228006127028690_oIt’s not supposed to be stuck open like that, but apparently this happens if you try to force three ten-pound bags of ice down the thing, using the canopy puller-downer rod as an ice pick/plunger.

No, we weren’t trying to create a nifty new beverage cooler. It’s a legit tank cleaning trick, and we know because we found it on the internet.  

Thankfully, we’d just emptied the tanks, so if ever there were an ideal time…

Anyway, we’ll uh, we’ll just be using the facilities at the bath house for the next day or two. Not a problem!

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