We sleep with angels

HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Was not expecting to read a review like this for a comparatively cheap set of RV bed sheets, but…

“These sheets came on time, quality is superb, and sleeping on them feels like being caressed by the soft delicate fingers of a thousand angels.”

Which is not all that ridiculous when you consider that we are temporarily using the gold lamé-like spread and shams that were in here when we bought the thing.

When I make the bed, I feel like I’m shoving the pillows into tacky little Halloween costumes.


This ain’t our first rodeo

1491710_10153191542282995_4164165139955074634_nHere’s a flashback to July 1998, and the first time we rented a camper. This was it. Toaster on wheels. Kitchen table inconveniently doubled as a bed. And the boys were 3 and 1.

Yes, we were very brave, and also very delusional.

The next time we went camping as a family was July of 2004 — and we pitched a tent.